A6: The little size that could

Hey everyone! I’m writing even though I’m having the time of my life blowing my nose and coughing like crazy. Yep–cold & flu season has arrived in my household, and I’ve been chugging water like a madwoman in an attempt to stay hydrated since my appetite is nonexistent.

So how are YOU? 😉

Today I’m solemnly confessing two things:

  1. I am back to planning in the A6 size, and
  2. I am back to planning in rings.

WHAT?! Yes, you read that right.

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Planner trends I won’t follow

Hello again and Happy March!

A couple of weeks ago, a sweet friend I met in this community teased me about my never having tried a Hobonichi Weeks. She said I just had to try it, so I did what I always do: I looked at a ton of pictures under the Hobonichi Weeks hashtag on Instagram. Then I mosied over to YouTube and watched videos gleefully praising the Weeks and how it was so amazing.

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One Binge At A Tme

From time to time, I’ll be deviating just a little from the regular content to blog about things I love and enjoy for the pleasure of sharing it here in my little corner of the inter-webs.

Let me preface this by saying: I rarely watch TV. When my daughter is home we prefer to keep her engaged in imaginative play or some other type of activity, but when I need to work, I’ll turn the TV on or give her the iPad.

There are only three shows I have any interest in watching or binge-watching–and they all happen to be on Netflix coincidentally:

  1. Friends (I can practically quote every episode),
  2. Stranger Things (I cannot wait until July!!), and
  3. The recent remake of One Day At A Time starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno.

If you’re not watching this show, I strongly recommend that you start ASAP. It starts off a little slow (IMO) in the first season but they tackle plenty of serious issues such as living with PTSD, coping with anxiety and depression, joining support groups, rebuilding a life after divorce and deployment, teen homosexuality, political awareness and the importance of voting in America, and even what it’s like to almost lose a beloved family member.

There hasn’t been a single season of ODAAT where I don’t shed a tear or flat out ugly cry-sob. This show is really that amazing, and although it’s only been on for three seasons, it truly deserves to be renewed. I’m not sure what Netflix is doing because they’re very hush-hush about their shows, and ODAAT is sadly not on the same million-viewer status like Stranger Things nor does it have the longevity Friends does. It does, however, warrant a watch and not only that–it deserves to be renewed.

So that’s my very brief, unsponsored and unpaid promo for this show. I love it, it speaks to me personally as someone who has dealt with a few of the issues the writers have genuinely crafted into their storyline. Give it a watch and I can promise there will be more of you who love it than who don’t.

It’s About To Get Personal (or more appropriately titled “Putting Myself Out Here”)

Oh hi. Did anyone miss me? 

I’m not going to sit here and give you a ton of apologies for being gone because… I needed it. 

I needed the absence, the time away from most of my social media to clear my head about everything I’d been doing up until that point, and I thought long and hard about this blog post before writing it, but decided to write it in the end—even if it was just to get it off my chest. 

(Phew! Run-on sentences, anyone? Bueller?)

The truth is: I have no idea what I’m doing or what my goal was when I started this blog. 

I thought I wanted to go into advertising after a near-death scare with my husband the summer of 2017. I thought if I just went back to school and went into a new career field, I could keep up with the bills and maybe even try to give my daughter a decent life should something happen to my husband. 

This information probably comes as a shock. 

You see, during the (nearly) three years I had my Planners and Polish Instagram, I never shared anything too personal. 

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How effective is a mood tracker?

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about tracking your mood in the bullet journal. This is something I only started doing in January but so far I’ve really enjoyed the process.

When I created my first one, I’d been inspired by Kayla from planningwithkay who tracks her mood in conjunction with writing about her day in one line. The one line restriction is great for people who might not be as inclined to write much about their day. I tried that in January, but for February I wanted to try a dedicated mood tracker on a single page. I used my Dear Lily Designs heart stencil to create the page and I was really happy with the result.

February’s mood tracker. It wasn’t a good month for me. Lots of pressure with a couple classes and naturally not enough rest. I did have some pretty productive days though!

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Stepping into color

A year ago if anyone had asked what my bullet journal style was I would have said minimalist without batting an eyelash. I kept my spreads grey and black without any extra color. Sometimes I did a little bit of decorating (with my stencils or my Tombows or both). But my color scheme was monochromatic 99% of the time and I was quite content with it.

A monochromatic weekly from last year’s bujo. I wasn’t going to school yet so it was pretty bare.
Also from the last notebook, keeping the monochromes with a quotes I love page (I have this in every notebook, sometimes it’s several pages worth).








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Mixing it up

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram showing my bullet journal among my traveler’s notebooks. I’ve never denied my affection for traveler’s notebooks, and when I tried bullet journaling in an LT1917 notebook for the first time in December 2016, I eventually returned to bullet journaling in my traveler’s notebooks.

Ahhh, happiness. 🙂 Clockwise: B6 Classic, Nano (this holds my stencils), Lihit Lab case, the LT1917, and the A6 Deluxe.

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