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If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I am notorious for constantly switching between bullet journal sizes. Here’s why: 

  • I like to 🙂
  • I own several traveler’s notebook covers and sizes that I like to use from time to time
  • Sometimes life isn’t as busy so I’ll go smaller (and vice versa)
  • As with everything, I find myself getting bored so I’ll switch things up

There’s nothing set in stone with how I should bullet journal. I’ve seen it done in as little a size as a nano traveler’s notebook all the way to a large composition notebook. Unless you want to, no one needs to spend a bunch of cash on an expensive notebook, pens, and supplies to start. In fact, I’d encourage you to use the cheapest supplies you can find when you start and use it for at least 3 months to see if you like it. Some say a month should be enough but I find that the longer you use the system and cater it to your specific needs or wants (including sizing), it strongly helps you to either commit to it or abandon it altogether.

Use whatever you have or your budget allows and go from there. As you use it, you’ll start to discover what you love and what you don’t.

If you’ve been curious about bullet journaling, if you’ve wanted to try but didn’t know how or where to start, or have felt intimidated by all of the beautiful pages on Instagram, Pinterest, and all over the internet, stop. Don’t do that to yourself. Just start and see where it takes you, with no pressure.

Right now (it’s January 2018) I am using a Medium Dotted Leuchtturm 1917 Official Bullet Journal (the one with three ribbons instead of two). This isn’t my first time using this notebook, and I really enjoyed the last one I used (which I’ll talk about in another post).

My current bujo started in December 2017.

How about you? Do you switch things up every now and then or are you pretty set and loving what’s currently working for you? Leave me a comment!

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