My return to weekly spreads

To recreate this spread: measure boxes using 19 dots vertically and 13 dots horizontally. Dear Lily Designs stencils used: 029 for day headers, 061 for water glasses, 048 for star shapes underneath month, and 053 for daily task boxes.

In a recent entry I talked about simplicity and why it works the best for me. Today I want to share with you how I brainstorm ideas for the layouts in my bullet journal now that I am mostly working with weekly spreads. This is new to me since I’ve mostly used daily spreads when I was using a smaller size notebook.

Why did I go back to the weeklies after many unsuccessful attempts in traditional inserts and planners? Because with the bullet journal, I am the creator and the designer. If I need more space on any given day, I use threading.

Yes, I realize that the purpose of threading by definition in the bullet journal community is to continue a collection but since the system is customizable, I’ve used it to thread into a day on a page from a weekly if and when I need it.

The funny thing is that since I’ve started spreading my time out, I have yet to use threading in my current bullet journal. I did use this technique in my last notebook, and that’s how I know it works.

To recreate this spread: measure boxes using 21 dots vertically and 9 dots horizontally. Sunday measures 19 dots vertically and 9 dots horizontally. Dear Lily Designs stencils used: 053 for daily tasks, 029 and 048 for monthly calendar, and 061 for water glasses. Notes and next week boxes measure 18 dots equally horizontally and vertically. Dinner box measures 9 dots vertically and horizontally.

Having a weekly spread forces me to look at my time in a bigger way. I used to have very Monday heavy entries with tons to do and by the time Thursday and Friday came along, the pages were fairly empty. Coincidentally so were my energy levels. I felt depleted, and like I needed the weekend to recover only to go back into battle mode come Monday.

Not anymore.

With a weekly spread, I can spread my activities out in a much more manageable way, and so far my life feels more balanced. I once heard that Bob Proctor asked Earl Nightingale how he should manage his time and Earl responded that time couldn’t be managed; only activities could be managed. I took that information to heart which is why I decided to return to using weekly spreads in my planning.

Right now I’m using vertical spreads. I don’t know if that will change next month. I tried two different styles of vertical spreads in January, and since we’re not quite at mid-month yet, I’ve only worked with one of the styles. I’ve already starting inking my activities into next week’s layout, which is a narrower weekly with a box for notes, another for the following week’s upcoming events/things to remember, a weekly menu, and a small month-at-a-glance. If I’m honest, I really like the narrower layout more, but it’s wonderful knowing I can switch them up whenever I want.


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