Mixing it up

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram showing my bullet journal among my traveler’s notebooks. I’ve never denied my affection for traveler’s notebooks, and when I tried bullet journaling in an LT1917 notebook for the first time in December 2016, I eventually returned to bullet journaling in my traveler’s notebooks.

Ahhh, happiness. 🙂 Clockwise: B6 Classic, Nano (this holds my stencils), Lihit Lab case, the LT1917, and the A6 Deluxe.

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How far in advance should I make my spreads?

I see this question posed often in the bullet journal community, and almost always the answer is: it depends on you. With February mercifully behind me, I decided to keep my entire March monthly spread uniform using the same spread each week while leaving some room to decorate.

I’ve already begun filling in next week’s spread.

Now that we’re also quickly approaching the middle of March (seriously, how is it going by so quickly??), I need to start thinking about setting April up as well as getting my next bullet journal.

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