How far in advance should I make my spreads?

I see this question posed often in the bullet journal community, and almost always the answer is: it depends on you. With February mercifully behind me, I decided to keep my entire March monthly spread uniform using the same spread each week while leaving some room to decorate.

I’ve already begun filling in next week’s spread.

Now that we’re also quickly approaching the middle of March (seriously, how is it going by so quickly??), I need to start thinking about setting April up as well as getting my next bullet journal.

I only have about 25 pages left in my current notebook, which would be cause for panic for other bullet journalists but not for me since as I mentioned my March spreads are accounted for, and should I require more room, I can easily use one of the final 25 pages as a daily. But come April, I will definitely be in a brand new notebook which is always exciting!

The week after next. Keeping this same layout style, I just played around with colors and washi tape so it’s the same as the other weeks but also distinguishable.
And the week after that! 😉 What I love about this is that these are ready to be filled in should the need arise (i.e. for meetings or appointments, etc.).

Going forward, the only tweaks I will likely make will be to keep four-five blank pages at the end of my weeklies to be used as dailies. If I end up not using them as planned, I’ll use them to play around with my Dear Lily Designs stencils and creating new things with them. I’ve made all sorts of beautiful and unusual things with these stencils, and probably my favorite thing to come up with are new designs using basic shapes – like flowers and recently I did these bowling ball/buttons that turned out really nicely.

I’ll admit that after having had to succumb to dailies a few weeks ago (I posted a photo on my Instagram), I found myself craving that extra room to detail out my day and took great pleasure in ticking off the boxes. I loved how much space there was leftover too, and I didn’t feel cramped in the least. But I know enough about my own planning style and needs to know that weeklies are very useful especially when planning ahead as a student.

In the end, whatever you choose to use in your bullet journal, make sure that it works for you, and don’t worry about messing up! If you made a week on one page and found it too cramped, go with a week on two pages the following week – or hell, turn the page and do it immediately. I love that I’m never confined to my layouts no matter how pretty they are. I’ve ended up using my notebook a hell of a lot more this way and I also have a catchall for every thought or idea that pops into my head, regardless of whether I put it on an assigned spot or in a random place I’ll remind myself to go and check afterward (super easy to do thanks for page numbers)!

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