Lihit Lab Pen Case – Review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about my newest pen case by Lihit Lab. I purchased mine off Amazon, but I know JetPens also sells them.

My preciousss. 😉

The Lihit Lab case is compact but let me tell you that it definitely fits a lot. Currently I have ten Zebra Mildliners, two Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens, four Faber-Castell Pitt Artis Pens, one Jelly Roll pen, one Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint, one Pilot G-2 Limited, three mechanical pencils, two Sakura Pigma Micron pens, a sharpener, white out tape, two erasers and a set of post-it notes in mine – and there is still room for more.  (Note: since I wrote this post, I switched a few things around and out of the case, and rather than re-write all that, I figured I’d just show you the photos.)

The case has two exterior pockets; a smaller, narrower pocket and a wider than business card size pocket, but I’m keeping these empty for now. It’s surprisingly lightweight despite all I have in there right now. The Lihit Lab pen case also features a smooth, double pull zipper that goes about 3/4 of the way around allowing it to open and lie flat for you to see and access all of your writing utensils and accessories easily without having to fumble around to find a specific pen or highlighter (like I did with my Orla Kiely pouches – which I still adore, don’t get me wrong. I’m now using them when I travel, and to store some washi tapes, extra USB’s, headphones, and other small knick-knacks).

The one downside to the case is that the pocket on the back is just a large open pocket without slots or an additional piece of fabric to hold in what’s in there, so since this is where I keep my pencil sharpener and my white out, these items tend to fall out when I open the case (which isn’t a big deal if the case is laying flat on a table or other surface). You’re probably wondering why on earth I even have a pencil sharpener since I just said my pencils were mechanical (ha ha); it’s for my color pencils. 🙂

My husband liked my case so much he asked me to order him one as well. In case you’d like to get one for yourself mine is the Jet Black one. I chose it because I preferred the gray over the brown interior. They also have them in several assorted exterior colors and patterns.

I’d recommend the Lihit Lab pen case if you’re in the market for a pen case that will hold your supplies without weighing a lot or taking up much room in your bag or backpack and isn’t very expensive.

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