How effective is a mood tracker?

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about tracking your mood in the bullet journal. This is something I only started doing in January but so far I’ve really enjoyed the process.

When I created my first one, I’d been inspired by Kayla from planningwithkay who tracks her mood in conjunction with writing about her day in one line. The one line restriction is great for people who might not be as inclined to write much about their day. I tried that in January, but for February I wanted to try a dedicated mood tracker on a single page. I used my Dear Lily Designs heart stencil to create the page and I was really happy with the result.

February’s mood tracker. It wasn’t a good month for me. Lots of pressure with a couple classes and naturally not enough rest. I did have some pretty productive days though!

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Stepping into color

A year ago if anyone had asked what my bullet journal style was I would have said minimalist without batting an eyelash. I kept my spreads grey and black without any extra color. Sometimes I did a little bit of decorating (with my stencils or my Tombows or both). But my color scheme was monochromatic 99% of the time and I was quite content with it.

A monochromatic weekly from last year’s bujo. I wasn’t going to school yet so it was pretty bare.
Also from the last notebook, keeping the monochromes with a quotes I love page (I have this in every notebook, sometimes it’s several pages worth).








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