Stepping into color

A year ago if anyone had asked what my bullet journal style was I would have said minimalist without batting an eyelash. I kept my spreads grey and black without any extra color. Sometimes I did a little bit of decorating (with my stencils or my Tombows or both). But my color scheme was monochromatic 99% of the time and I was quite content with it.

A monochromatic weekly from last year’s bujo. I wasn’t going to school yet so it was pretty bare.
Also from the last notebook, keeping the monochromes with a quotes I love page (I have this in every notebook, sometimes it’s several pages worth).








This time around, I decided to embrace using more color and even adding in extras like the syllabus from one of my classes, washi tape, and yep, even colors. Since I’ve taken the plunge, I have to say my favorite supplies to use in the good ole bujo are my Zebra Mildliners and my Crayola color pencils, though I have a feeling that’s about to change because a friend gifted me a set of Prismacolor pencils which I’ve yet to finish swatching but…Oh. My. They’re amazing – buttery smooth and they blend like a dream.

The holiday movie tracker I made for 2017. Really loved making this spread!

Now that I am almost at the end of my notebook, it’s actually quite nice to glance back and look through all my pages and see the pops of color.

Doodling then coloring buildings. I also love this quote and put it here just because. 🙂

Going into the new bullet journal (I still have to buy that notebook), I’m going to continue using color but for the first month I think I’m going to stick to using strictly the color pencils over any other type of coloring utensil. I love the vividness of the markers but I don’t love those in-between strokes of color where there’s an obvious line when the width of the marker is shorter than the line you intend to color. Pencils eliminate that and appear smoother overall. Then there’s the benefit I’m really looking forward to: being able to erase a mistake and the beauty that is color blending.

Using Prismacolors pencils. Time consuming but very relaxing. Stencils are Dear Lily Designs.


I spent some time on YouTube watching tutorials over the break between my school quarters to familiarize myself and learn how to use artist-grade professional pencils like the Prismacolors and I’m excited to see what I come up with.





This page was a lot of fun to create! Items used: Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen, Dear Lily Designs stencils, and Crayola SuperTips.

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I never learned how to properly use color pencils in the past and even after having watched a handful of videos explaining the process, I already understand it much better than I did a few days ago. I always just thought it was either go light or go super hard, and words like “burnishing” meant something else entirely as far as I was concerned.



My blog logo, designed almost a year ago. 🙂
A concept for an assignment last quarter.


I love how personal my bullet journal has become. I’ve been in this notebook almost four months and just looking through it and seeing all of my work poured into it is almost like a memory book or a story of my life during that time. I love that I’m doing it in color!

There’s no reason class notes should be boring!

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