It’s About To Get Personal (or more appropriately titled “Putting Myself Out Here”)

Oh hi. Did anyone miss me? 

I’m not going to sit here and give you a ton of apologies for being gone because… I needed it. 

I needed the absence, the time away from most of my social media to clear my head about everything I’d been doing up until that point, and I thought long and hard about this blog post before writing it, but decided to write it in the end—even if it was just to get it off my chest. 

(Phew! Run-on sentences, anyone? Bueller?)

The truth is: I have no idea what I’m doing or what my goal was when I started this blog. 

I thought I wanted to go into advertising after a near-death scare with my husband the summer of 2017. I thought if I just went back to school and went into a new career field, I could keep up with the bills and maybe even try to give my daughter a decent life should something happen to my husband. 

This information probably comes as a shock. 

You see, during the (nearly) three years I had my Planners and Polish Instagram, I never shared anything too personal. 

What you (and some of my friends/former colleagues/acquaintances) don’t know is: Continue reading “It’s About To Get Personal (or more appropriately titled “Putting Myself Out Here”)”