Planner trends I won’t follow

Hello again and Happy March!

A couple of weeks ago, a sweet friend I met in this community teased me about my never having tried a Hobonichi Weeks. She said I just had to try it, so I did what I always do: I looked at a ton of pictures under the Hobonichi Weeks hashtag on Instagram. Then I mosied over to YouTube and watched videos gleefully praising the Weeks and how it was so amazing.

And in the end, my final verdict was… I was not impressed. Sorry if you are a diehard Weeks fan; I sadly am not.

First, the Weeks is SO NARROW. I doubt I could get more than four words on one line. Ever since I left the ring-bound planner planet for travelers notebooks back in the summer of 2016, I’ve done a lot of experimenting, a lot of paper soul searching, if you will (if that’s even a thing. It is for me). 🙂

Second, I remember that summer with a mix of anxiety and surprise. The rage back then were pocket sized traveler’s notebooks. EVERYONE in the community was getting them and Carie Harling turned “pint-sized planning” into a thing.

I tried it. I hated it. Having a pocket size TN was convenient only in that it fit in every handbag I owned…and that was it. I had to write smaller. My hand cramped up, often. I tried using an entire page per day, but found it wasn’t enough space. I tried using two pages per day and I also found that wasn’t enough. My only option was to start writing as small as possible.

Plus, it was sooo narrow! I hated that most of all.

Having to write small was definitely a deal breaker for me. I love writing normal, and sometimes I even write big. It’s a matter of comfort for me, I guess. I don’t like small spaces, not even on paper, so going smaller in any capacity wasn’t going to happen because if I don’t like reading tiny writing, I sure as hell wasn’t going to use it in my planner.

That’s how I stumbled upon A6. I messaged one of my followers/planner buddies, Nikki, who’d been using an A6 and asked her about it. She said field notes (or pocket sized TN’s) were too small for her and that A6 gave her the freedom of more room while still being portable enough to fit in all her handbags.

It was enough for me to take a chance and I ordered my first notebooks from Muji in A6, and an A6 cover from Chic Sparrow, a chocolate Creme Deluxe that was gorgeous–full of character and bug bites, it even had the old-style scalloped pockets. (I sold it a year ago because I hadn’t used it in ages.)

To ensure that I wouldn’t unnecessarily use my money on a Weeks “just to be sure,” which is the lie I tell myself when I want to try out a new-to-me size, I also watched several YouTube videos on the Weeks. I went back to Instagram and stalked more photos.

And now, I can honestly say: I’m simply not interested.

I’ll keep designing my own pages, thank you very much, drafting up my own schedule/planner/bujo my own way because it’s what works.

Sometimes I pretty it up with stencils and some washi. I’m also going through my sticker stash, which is tiny. I may end up giving most of them away.

The point is, I’m using what I have until it’s gone and when it’s gone, I won’t  buy any more. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I’m not a fan of a lot of decoration in my planner.

Simple and functional is what works the best for me. I don’t like to see my pages so overcrowded I can’t read what’s going on. I know that doesn’t work for everyone; planners and notebooks are truly a YMMV kind of thing and what some love, others won’t, and vice versa.

This week in particular, I’ve had a lot of added responsibilities in my life both personally and professionally as a freelancer/entrepreneur. The layouts I’d designed for the entire month of March were annoying me because I made them all the same. Whoops.

I should have just stuck to my Mildliners and my pen, because that’s another thing–I like to switch things up. This week I decided to split my work stuff and my home stuff, and did so by  using my A6 Gillio Appunto for quick and dirty to-dos, and left my B6  on my desk to help me with my work goals. I use Stalogy notebooks in both my Gillios, and nothing else.

It’s worked great, and I would keep that system going if not for the fact that (1) next week, things are going to change again, and (2) I like having everything in one place and one book. 

My current system: left, B6 Gillio Appunto in dark brown/yellow; right, A6 Gillio Appunto in yellow/dark brown. Each Gillio holds only one book, and it’s a Stalogy, my favorite brand of notebooks.

By not following trends, I’ve managed to stay true to the sizes I know I absolutely love and will therefore use (A6 & B6), and I’ve sold all the rest. After my Instagramming and YouTubing of the Weeks, I’m no longer curious about it and can say “thanks, but no thanks.”

I know my life wasn’t meant for those boxes. If yours is and that’s your peace, that’s awesome! I mean it.

My business and personal life, though, require a lot more flexibility than the Weeks can provide. 🙂 And I prefer paper that is more square than rectangular.

Have an awesome day guys and thanks for stopping by the blog today!


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