How far in advance should I make my spreads?

I see this question posed often in the bullet journal community, and almost always the answer is: it depends on you. With February mercifully behind me, I decided to keep my entire March monthly spread uniform using the same spread each week while leaving some room to decorate.

I’ve already begun filling in next week’s spread.

Now that we’re also quickly approaching the middle of March (seriously, how is it going by so quickly??), I need to start thinking about setting April up as well as getting my next bullet journal.

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What are “ugly bujos”?

I just got home from a weekend spent in the country with friends as we worked on several creative projects. On the long drive home I thought about how differently people use their bullet journals.

I’ve seen many beautiful spreads created using a black pen to make complex-looking, decorative, gorgeous florals and perfect ruled boxes. I’ve seen vertical spreads, horizontal spreads, and spreads in the shape of a triangle or parallelogram. I even recently saw someone create a habit tracker in the form of a stove. Talk about creative!

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How my bullet journal saves me time, money, and food

A few years ago, I bought this awesome whiteboard calendar at Walmart and glued earth magnets to each corner so I could put it on my fridge. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could come up with a menu for an entire month, each month. I was tired of wasting money on food that had spoiled because I’d forgotten about it.

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A tale of two notebooks

This is a comparison of the Original Leuchtturm1917 Notebook and Official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm1917 Notebook (henceforth referred to as Original and Official). The Official notebook as I understand it was a collaboration between Ryder Carroll and Leuchtturm. These are my personal opinions about products that I purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.

My Leuchtturm notebooks: Original in Berry; Official in Black.

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All you really need is…

A notebook and a pen. (And it doesn’t have to be THIS notebook or THIS pen either.)

Starting your first bullet journal can be exciting and a little nerve-wracking because we each have all of these different expectations. This post is for you if you want to:

  1. Delve into the world of bullet journaling but feel intimidated about how to start; or
  2. Create a bullet journal that ends up looks beautiful and Pinterest-worthy (more on this later)

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My return to weekly spreads

To recreate this spread: measure boxes using 19 dots vertically and 13 dots horizontally. Dear Lily Designs stencils used: 029 for day headers, 061 for water glasses, 048 for star shapes underneath month, and 053 for daily task boxes.

In a recent entry I talked about simplicity and why it works the best for me. Today I want to share with you how I brainstorm ideas for the layouts in my bullet journal now that I am mostly working with weekly spreads. This is new to me since I’ve mostly used daily spreads when I was using a smaller size notebook. Continue reading “My return to weekly spreads”